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Different Lesbians -GirlfriendsFulfill Weblog

The phrase


is the most widely used to explain women who like other females, a good number of are not aware will there be are very different categories of lesbians. This little manual can help you discover which class (or teams) you go with and additionally that you simply’re the majority of attracted to.

Before we obtain inside tips guide, discover probably one of the most important conditions into the LGBTQ world –

Gold Star Gay

. In this situation it could be a gold star lesbian, which means they will have just had sex with ladies.  Now about the set of ‘Types of Lesbians’. Please be aware there are hundreds of terms and conditions and off shoots to all these.


– will be the second popular phase accustomed describe a homosexual feminine.  Whenever used by someone which is not a portion of the LGBTQ , it’s considered offense.  There are lots of kinds of dykes – baby dyke, diesel dyke, power dyke, etc.

Baby dykes

– women that have only emerge are called baby dykes. Like an infant, things are a new comer to them – they have never addressed gay dilemmas or culture before and are generally excessively thrilled to understand.

Energy dykes

– or energy lesbians are ladies in strong jobs, they can be strong and separate.

Diesel dykes

– have become manly lesbians who are able to have a intense character, and they also go-by butch.

Intense Butch

– Also know as “Dykes on Bikes”, kind of like fabric using, bike riding females. These women commonly a little more masculine.


– Females that follow male faculties are thought butch.  Butch women are the dominating companion. They outfit and quite often act more manly next an average lady. You’ll find offshoots of Butch including smooth Butch and intense Butch.

Soft Butch

– a Soft Butch normally wears much more male clothes but might still have traditionally styled locks, manicured fingernails. They’d land in the center of Butch and Femme/Lipstick lesbian. In summary a Soft Butch she would wind up as the adorable woman nearby which a tomboy.


– if you learn that you are a blend of both annonces femmes mures and butch, you are (a smooth butch or) a chapstick lesbian. These ladies are usually androgynous; they dress a little manly but work more feminine.

Blue Jean Femme

– A Blue Jean Femme is actually a very feminine lesbian that will prefer a far more informal garments.

Lipstick lesbians

– are elegant lesbians, referred to as femme.  They enjoy a lot more elegant clothing, make-up, shoes and commonly use more dresses and gown.  The difference between femmes and lip stick lesbians is actually femmes frequently date butch women where as lip stick lesbians date various other girly lesbians.

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